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Water makes life possible on this planet.
Preservation of fresh water resources is not an option; it is a necessity that requires unified commitment, effective action and dedication.


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This is a community resource site intended to assist in understanding the growing global concerns about protecting and preserving Earths fresh water resources. We welcome your comments, inquiries and recommendations on content and improvements to this site. We hope you enjoy your visit. Please do tell your friends and family to visit and find out what they can do to help with this world crisis.

Affectionately known as " The AERC (pronounced Arc) of Asheville", The Aqua Environmental Resource Center is located in  Asheville, NC.  AERC provides our community with a hands on learning environment designed to help raise awareness of one of the most important challenges we face.
The AERC has partnered with the Council on Aging home repair services in Buncombe County. The Gift of Water, a charitable community resource developed the AERC supports the local efforts of non-profit community services such as COABC to help ensure that those in need do not get forgotten.   

Providing clean, safe water to everybody around the world is among the greatest of challenges faced by current and future generation. It is essential that we focus on global efforts to maximize efficiency, correct unsustainable practices, change personal habits and raise awareness of the preciousness of water in all aspects of our lives. While it is critical that we begin and continue to highlight the importance of water to policy makers, organizations and individuals with a sense of immediacy; as educators we must not overlook the importance of addressing the next generation of leaders and decision makers. Without the establishment of an ongoing educational process to ensure continued efforts in the future, we have little hope of effectively changing the public attitude. We need to recognize that proper water use is not only a conservation problem, but is also an educational process. We will only be able to meet this global challenge through efforts that will span generations. A paradigm shift in our understanding of the integral relationship between water and the survival of life on Earth should be our ultimate goal.

AERC is helping educate current and next generation of environmental caretakers by partnering with GreenPlumbers  USA. AERC is a fully certified training facility for the organization.

"We are very pleased to take part in a global effort to advance the image of the plumbing industry", says Hanson, Founder and Volunteer Director of Education at the nonprofit facility. "By providing these courses we are assisting plumbers and plumbing apprentices in becoming champions of energy conservation and water efficiency. The bar is being raised throughout the industry and plumbing professionals are called upon to set new standards and reclaim their history as protectors of community health and stewards of the environment".



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