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Become a Certified GreenPlumbers USA Water Audit Specialist at this one day, all inclusive training!

We are excited to be a sponsor of this very special job training and personal growth opportunity. GreenPlumbers USA Water Audit Certification is a training that can provide you with a competitive advantage in securing employment, acquiring and retaining new customers and improving your business image.

GreenPlumbers USA program is recognized by the US Green Building Council as one of the most relevant occupational trainings available.

This one day course will teach you how to perform an in depth water efficiency analysis. You will leave with the skills and confidence necessary to take you into a booming "Green" marketplace with a competitive advantage that only GreenPlumbers Training can provide.

Whether you are considering a new career path, trying to improve your business bottom line or looking to improve your skills for a current position, this training will help.

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Winter Workshop
Inspection Report Services (IRS)
GreenPlumbers USA Water Audit Certification Course
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Inspection Report Services – Course Outline

Prepare a Domestic & Commercial Building Plumbing Inspection Report

This unit specifies the skills required to prepare, participate and report for a domestic plumbing inspection report.

This unit addresses the outcomes of the inspection report reviewing inspection documentation, identifying and preparing inspection checklists and report related documentation.

In addition, this unit provides for recommendations from the Inspection Report based upon a demonstrated knowledge of environmentally efficient plumbing.

Nominal Hours – 4

Details of Performance Criteria for course completion

Performance criteria specify the level of performance required to demonstrate achievement of the element.

1. Prepare for a domestic plumbing inspection report

 1.1 Plan the outline of the inspection report (audit) process

 1.2 Develop inspection checklists to reflect the scope and objectives of the inspection report

 1.3 Confirm schedules and logistical arrangements with the customer

2. Undertake a domestic plumbing inspection report

 2.1 Describe the auditing process by completing the scope and objectives of an inspection report.

3. Perform Calculations

 3.1 Review audit methods and techniques in order to analyze relevant information

 3.2 Report existing customer habits, trends and patterns of water and energy use and identify areas outside the normal patterns of usage

 3.3 Apply the principles of calculations and utility costs of water and energy

 3.4 Calculate the potential water and energy volume and dollar savings in a household

 3.5 Read and interpret a conversion chart

4. Develop product knowledge and recommendations

 4.1 Illustrate knowledge of water and energy efficient plumbing products

 4.2 Compose a systematic list of recommendations for domestic home improvements

 4.3 Recommend an appropriate energy or water cost efficient strategy to the client.

5. Monitor and review inspection report system and activities
 5.1 Identify and implement possible improvements in inspection report audit methods are identified and implemented