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Preservation Through Education

Public awareness is our primary goal. The AERC regularly hold workshops and educational seminars that provide hands on learning opportunities and relevant information for our local and regional community. Please contact us if you have a recommendation to share or you would like to volunteer.

Below are currently scheduled and upcoming workshops opportunities.
Core Curriculum Training Workshops
at the AERC of Asheville

What is GreenPlumbers® USA?
® is an internationally recognized innovative training and accreditation program that assists plumbers in understanding their role in protecting the environment and public health.

The goal of the organization is to train and deploy thousands of residential and commercial “green” plumbers to promote the benefits of water conservation and the reduction of GHG emissions. The focus is on changing consumer and plumber behavior through the use of energy efficiency and water saving technologies.

GreenPlumbers works with the plumbing industry, utilities, and water agencies to implement the GreenPlumbers program. The training consists of a five-part accreditation in environmental and technical issues including Climate Care, Caring for our Water, Solar Hot Water, Water Efficient Technology and an Inspection Report Service. In just the first two short years, GreenPlumbers has trained over 5,000 plumbers in over 40 states.

GreenPlumbers holds workshops across the
United States, in conjunction with our National Training Partners, with an ultimate goal of retraining 40,000 plumbers across North America. This has the potential for retrained plumbers to enter hundreds of thousands of houses per day to educate consumers on water conservation and to influence the purchasing decisions of householders.

Thanks to their Australian partners, GreenPlumbers has a built-in advantage implementing a superior, proven service. The program began in
Australia in 2001 after a 10-year drought, and has had enormous success, contributing to a 50% reduction in water usage across the country. Since September 2007, GreenPlumbers has completed hundreds of workshops and has retrained more than 5,100 plumbers to date across North America, with an overwhelmingly positive response from attending contractors and plumbers. An added benefit of these workshops is the newly created forum between industry professionals, water districts, and utilities.

The 32 hour core curriculum series includes in-depth study of the following

Climate Care
- 8 hour course
- Hot Water Heating
- Energy Consumption
- Heating Appliances
- Cooling Appliances
- Greenhouse Gas Abatement

Solar Hot Water
- 4 hour course
- Solar Hot Water Technology
- State Rebate Information
- Sizing and Installation
- Retro Fitting
- New Technology

Caring for Our Water- 8 hour course
- Water Efficient Products
- New Technology
- Household Water Audits
- Reducing Household Water Consumption
- Storm water
Water Efficient Technology - 4 hour course
- Reuse/Recycled Water
- Rainwater
- Greywater
- Septic Tanks/ Wastewater Treatment Systems
- Environmental / Public Health / Safety Regulations

Inspection Report Service- 4 hour course
- Water and Energy Audits
- Commercial / Industrial and Residential Buildings
- Creating a Master Plan for Future Improvements

To contact GreenPlumbers USA call: 888-929-6207
or visit online at

GreenPlumbers™ is a trademark of the Master Plumbers and Mechanical Services Association of Australia

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Community Education Series

 The AERC sponsors free educational workshops. These workshop provide or community with hands on opportunities to learn basis plumbing repair techniques and cost effective ways to  conserve water and energy in & around their home or business.
 We welcome and encourage participation from summer camps groups, private and public schools groups, businesses, home owners, real estate professionals and any interested consumers. Please contact us for workshop schedules.

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